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Welcome to Polebridge, Montana!

Where the West is still Wild.

We are now open daily, 7am-9pm!



The Polebridge Mercantile is NOT in Glacier National Park (we are 1 mile away). We are accessible without reservation from Columbia Falls via MT 486 year-round. Check out Plan your trip followed b y the FAQ section to Learn More.

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A bit about us…

The Polebridge Mercantile, originally established by William and Jessie Adair, has been serving the North Fork community in remote Northwest Montana for over 100 years. Much as it has from the beginning, the “Merc” serves as a general store, bakery, base camp, and vacation getaway. It is one of the anchors of the North Fork experience and an essential stop for anyone visiting the west side of Glacier National Park. Some even know it as “The North Fork’s Last Best Outpost”.

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"I've definitely always known this is a special place. The more time you spend up here, the more that becomes clear."
-Will Hammerquist , Owner

"Rustic, marvelously tasty and memorable..."
- Susan Gallagher, Associated Press

"I instantly fell in love with the place. You come up here and you can just imagine Jesus, the Dalai Lama and Woody Guthrie sitting outside having tea and shooting the breeze about the weather. It's something else up here."
- Stuart Reiswig

"And there, at the end of the road, the rapture, heavenly manna. Fresh-baked bread. And cinnamon rolls. And sinful huckleberry bearclaws, piping hot straight from the oven."
- Michael Jameson, Missoulian

"We're like a cozy enclave in the wilderness. The length of the road, the primitive condition of the road, it makes a psychological transition, and gives the illusion that you're very, very far away... Some don't want to leave. Others want to know what's the best way to get out of here, and is it paved?"
- Deb Kaufman

"You have to be an idealist to choose Polebridge. That's what it takes - a certain idealism. And a certain ignorance, too, so you don't know quite what you're getting into."
- Oliver Meister, North Fork Hostel

"This is no quaint general store, but rather a living piece of history. Its bakery is a paradise of pies and pastries, its rows of merchandise an inventory of elemental existence."
- Tristan Scott, Missoulian

"It's beautiful once you get here. Breathtaking. But the journey is part of the reward. People who come here need to accept it on its terms. You don't change it to make it easier. As a society, we have the expectation of instant gratification. But that's not the North Fork."
- Scott Emmerich, Polebridge District Ranger, Glacier National Park

"We all love this place. This place is our common denominator."
- Flannery Coats