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Bakery & Mercantile

Serving the North Fork for more than 100 years!

A Bit About the Bakery

Everyday in the summer – yes every summer day – our bakers make hundreds of huckleberry bear claws, cookies, and other baked goods.

Travel the dusty North Fork Road to be rewarded with an array of baked goodies – huckleberry bear claws, cinnamon rolls, macaroons, microbrew, coffee, fresh-baked bread, deli / hot pocket sandwiches, and signature pizzas to name a few –  and take in the striking views of Glacier National Park.

woman holding tray of fresh baked goods
Fresh baked good from Polebridge Bakery.

The North Fork's Baked Goods Paradise

A Bit About the Mercantile (AKA The Merc)

Serving the North Fork for more than 100 years!

The Merc is your perfect, one-stop, supply and resupply shop for those adventuring through Polebridge and the remote northwest corner of Glacier National Park. The shelves of the Merc are stocked with practical wares like gauze and parachute cord, power steering fluid and Spam, making it a one-stop supply shop.

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What you can find at the Merc.

  • Gifts, Clothing & Souvenirs
  • Gasoline & Automotive Supplies
  • Ice & Ice Cream
  • Full Deli with Meat & Cheese
  • Groceries & Produce
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Coffee & Espresso
  • New & Used Books
  • Household & Cleaning Supplies

“Venturing inside the “Merc” is like leaving your watch at home, a comfy collection of timeless items, mixed with a few essentials. And then there’s those baked goods.”
- KPAX News